Natural Penile Extension Methods


Penis size has been the major cause of turbulence in many relationships today. As it were, the smaller the penis size, the less efficient the man’s ability to have a satisfactory sex. Because it is such a great source of embarrassment, men have resorted to all manner of methods with an aim to increase their penis size.

There is no denying that some of those methods may pose serious health risks in the long run. However, there are the natural penile extension methods that work just fine in enhancing penis size. Join me therefore as I introduce you to some of these methods.

Exercise Based Methods


The first technique of extending the penis is by use of a lubricant. A good lubricant to use should either be water-based or petroleum-based, as well as one that contains botanical extracts, antioxidants and vitamin complexes, as these are known to go directly into the targeted penile tissues for an immediate effect. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the lubricant, ensure you apply it after warming up, as the heat produced by the body will make it react faster with the skin.

The stretching method

The penis length could also be increased by stretching it.sizegenetics This simple but effective method does not need mechanized stretchers and can well be achieved by the use of your own hands. By holding the penis with one hand around the head and the other hand around the first hand, stretch it as you rotate it for about 30 times through an angle. Take a short rest and repeat the process, this time rotating in a different direction. If done at least two times a day, you may just get a longer penis faster than you could imagine. To simplify that I highly recommend you using one of these tools that could be found on . I recommend this option as the most known. Click the link to read the detailed review of this penis extender

The Jelquing exercise

Jelquing is yet another natural penile extension procedure. This technique enhances the penis size by enhancing the flow of blood to the penis area. To achieve this exercise, you need to wrap up the thumb and hand the figure around the base of the penis then squeeze the penis as you press it down at its head.

The Length-Extender Method

This technique makes use of a length-extender such as a ProExtender to give some traction to the penis. The device fastens around the base of the penis and around the corona glans, and works when longitudinal force is applied on the shaft of the penis. When this force is applied, the body reacts in such a manner that it multiplies and expands the penile tissue cells, thereby adding extra tissue to the penis and increasing its size.

The Kegel’e exercise

This refers to the kind of exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. In order to increase the penile length, all you have to do is to shift focus a little from the larger pelvic floor to the muscles of the penis.

The Diet plan

The diet plan features foods that are aimed at increasing the length of the penis. These foods work by increasing blood flow to the penile tissues and are therefore known as vasodilators.

Examples of foods to try out include ginkgo biloba, ginger, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper and pumpkin seeds.


Sex, like many other methods of penile extension, leads to a longer penis by increasing blood flow to the penile tissues. In order to make it more efficient at increasing penile length, it should be accompanied by a diet plan. Well, on the other hand if you are unable to get a partner in this modern day and age of technology the solution is here for you :) Do not be embarassed, try some digital sex. Check out this electric masturbator and you will be thankful to GoCharta for the rest of your life :) Take care!